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message my art blog if you’re still interested in keeping in contact with me

If I weren’t in desperate need for financial help, I’d just immediately delete my art blog, but alas I need the little bits of help that I’m getting. Other than that, all this fiasco has really caused is trauma and made me want to give up. I can’t even draw properly anymore.

I really hate to leave on a bad note, especially for those of you who still want to be following me. I’ll probably eventually message you guys my new url. But eventually I ultimately want to leave tumblr for good.

I’m sick of the hate and the negativity. I’m sick of it.

I mean instead of putting down Harada, can’t we just look at real life references for anatomy? And learn the way we’re supposed to? Not put successful artists down in a flighty attempt to make yourself feel better

What hurts the most is watching someone you really care about get the blunt of a group of people who know nothing better than to put the fault on her. I’m tired of people using her as a scapegoat.

Well okay i might as well apologize for being abrupt but I feel like this world isn’t really changing for the better at all

Leaving this blog

tumbleweeds tumble through rough ground and lose many of its limbs until its worn down to nothing